Syria False Flag – Proof – Please use this template to email your local MP

Dear (insert MP’s name here),

As a proud British citizen my entire life, I am writing to you today as I am absolutely shocked and appalled at the British Government’s secret services (MI5 and MI6) involvement in the atrocities currently being instigated against innocent civilians in Syria. These are tens of thousands of innocent lives and blood being shed for the sake of UK and USA Imperialism covered under the false pretence of ‘Humanitarian Intervention’. The policies your Government are implementing are extremely concerning as they involve outright murder of innocents, all the while you have put the entire UK under ‘austerity’ and using the money stolen from the most poor and vulnerable people to purchase lethal munitions, including heavy weaponry which YOU are supplying to Al-Qaeda, which the whole World knows are a creation of the CIA to continue this mythical ‘war on terror’ and keep the Global Population in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety. You are funding and terrorizing criminals by controlling all sides, why do you believe this is acceptable behaviour?

This particular false flag event relates to the chemical weapons attack that occurred in Damascus on 21/08/2013 which allegedly killed 1,300 innocent Syrians. I have been doing much research into this matter and I have located proof with the below two articles. They explain how the British Secret Service’s were involved in this attack (planned since 2012, how do you respond to that?) so the Western Propaganda Zionist controlled media immediately pinned the blame on Assad BEFORE ANY investigations were carried out?! Why do you advocate the BBC reporting blatant lies, are they not supposed to be impartial? Why not carry out a detailed forensic examination of the scene before reporting it was the Syrian Arab Army? It appears (with 99.99% certainty) that the story and narrative were already created before secret services carried out this mass murder attack. Clearly they have an agenda to sway public opinion for a full scale NATO terrorism and bombing campaign against innocent Syria.

Due to the British Government’s incompetence at allowing the BBC to report fake news to the World, I am kindly asking you as my elected representative to take up this biased reporting that refuses to cover the facts. They promote lies and propaganda. Therefore, they have broken their mandate of not reporting honest and impartial news so you must address this and enforce then to issue a front page apology for refusing to report facts. They report untruths and propaganda.

Finally, please tell me what business the UK Government has to do with getting involved in Syria? Why are you wasting mine & every other tax payers money to fuel death, destruction and violence against innocent people? Please read the two below links and explain why the UK Government had been planning to carry out a terrorist attack on innocent Syrians with the end game to pin the blame on Assad so NATO can invade a Sovereign Nation, who the VAST majority of Syrians support Assad as their Leader.

I demand the UK withdraws from all actions within Syria immediately and to please stop with these false flag attacks that terrorize innocent people to achieve a larger geopolitical agenda.

Looking forward to your prompt response on these grave concerns.

(Your name)

Your constituent:

(Your address)

Tel: (Your phone number)

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